If I could make a movie for my fantasy lovechildren

Dustin O’Halloran and Helen Jane Long would collab on the soundtrack. This is some gorgeous neoclassical right here.

Dustin O’Halloran - Prelude 2

Dustin O’Halloran - We Move Lightly

Helen Jane Long - North Star

Helen Jane Long - Urgency

Poor man’s Florence today, woo woo.

Really digging instrumentals lately, and this guy’s made a few Skyrim fantracks, which are all awesome. This is my favorite right now.

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This too. This guy’s really good. 8D

I think I’ve posted this here before, but fuck it. I love love love love this medley.

I like this way more than I probably should. 8D MORE POTENTIAL FOR A GOOD MOVIE SOUNDTRACK. Oh and if you’re going to listen it’s totally nsfw looooooool.

Luang Prabang - Dave Van Ronk


Still Alive (cover of Portal’s end credits song)

I would also check out his covers of Triage at Dawn and the Black Mesa Source Theme, if you can.


Monkey Man - The Stones


I’m gonna be a wheel someday; I’m gonna be somebody.


Mighty Fine Blues - Eels

(Holes soundtrack because that movie was tight)


Miss Me - Joe Purdy